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Original 3D Art and VRML meshes ( Batman, Catwoman, Star Trek , Klingon ship ) for free download here ... and visit the StoChastic world too...

the NeUr0sT0cHasTiC café

Speaking of Graphic Arts, before we get on to 3D, here's the greatest Impressionist 2D Portraits maker I've seen on the Web!

"...Come with me, and we will listen to

the Music of the Spheres ..."

---------- thus spake EMPEDOCLES of Agrigentum , some 500 years BC .

As for me, I want to share with You a few visions of our World , where a little bit of understanding in Maths, helps one to meditate on the Nature of events, thereby participate in the Flow of Time in a proactive way.

The Celestine Prophecy, the Tao Te King, or Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets ( Edgar E. Peters ) shall be our companions .

In 1997 on July 2nd, I had the honour of speaking at the Third International Convention on Computational Economics and Finance , held at the HOOVER INSTITUTION, Stanford University, Calif. USA, on the way to use Neural Nets to gain insights into Stochastic Differential Equations ...

In 1998 on May 29th , I had the honour of speaking at the Fifth Conference on Economic Dynamics and Control , held at the Imperial College of London , UK , on how Markets volatilities studies benefit from Neural Nets approach ...

In 1999 on Jan 6-8th, I had the honour of presenting Natexis Capital Markets' use of Neural nets in Intraday Currency trading at the Conference on Computational Finance , held at New York University (L.STERN School of Business)...

In 1999 on June 2nd , I had the honour of speaking at the Annual Conference on Forecasting Financial Markets , co organized by the London Business School and Liverpool University, UK, on Spot Dollar-Mark Trading performances with Neural net software...

On Cap Market Research & Development in general, you can see Outlines of my work here or Abel PHILIPPE 's page on Using the Longstaff-Schwartz approach to pricing options and in a different mode , using dynamic optimisation techniques (Bellman's equation) to value decision-dependent options (eg. flex caps)

This site will be under constant construction,

so bear with me as I strive to minimize your ire and maximize your pleasure of leafing through a few virtual pages .

Then, IF YOU HAVE VRML PLUG-INS , you can visit a few virtual worlds like these :

Please note that older VRML 1.0 Plug-ins are FREE for Download at Netscape's or Microsoft's sites .
But I strongly advise you to install Blaxxun Contact FREE VRML97 Browser
This will allow you to visit 3D worlds where there are textures, movements, and click-actions animations.
To get in touch, E-mail me!

You have to install a VRML97 browser like Blaxxun Contact or ParallelGraphics Cortona in order to visit my 3D creations (worlds, architecture, avatars, ...) Beside, the plug-ins allow you to immerse in Canal+ 's Le 2eme-Monde or Cybertown where I own an orbital house

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